Creative Ways to Use Flowers to Change Your Home as You Change Too

The beauty of home décor is the fact that you can rotate the way you dress your home. Like the changing of the seasons, the selection of objects that fill your home can rotate with the ebbs and flows of the natural world around you.

You can also fill home with feelings and aesthetics that you wish to evoke from your home. Plants can offer enormous leverage in changing the charm of your home. The proper hand-selected additions and details can revitalize a space to match your new energy or aesthetic, allowing your space to constantly breathe with refreshing life.

Flowers can provide unparalleled detail and vibrance to a home. Some flowers can be simple, and smooth, while others can be complex and highly textured.

Here, we will explore flowers that stand out and draw attention to details and the textures in your home.


Crafting Warmth and Comfort

A classic example of a flower that garners attention and provides warmth is the sunflower. The restoration rustic sunflower stem is a flower that is eye-grabbing because of its large surface area and its warm color. This is a piece that can be placed near an entryway to a home, or near a window. This flower is a statement and is a strong addition when it is brought out during the summer months or times when you wish to fill your home with warmth and natural beauty.

Fit For All Seasons

For a flower that works well in lower light settings, or during months like the fall and winter, look to the Mulan Thistle Flower Stem. This flower can be placed as a decoration piece next to light fixtures and can preserve a sense of natural beauty during any season. It can be added to an arrangement of other flowers, which is a great practice to fine-tuning a specific mood. Other flowers that might work well with the Mulan Thistle are the Round Camel Color Ball Flower or the Blue Magnolia Stem. The Blue Magnolia Stem, in particular, has a beautiful stem structure with long bends and curves. This flower stem will beautifully motivate a large variety of flower selections.

Creating Color

For a small splash of color and detail, the King Protea Stem has much to offer. This is an item that can be added to an arrangement, like the one described above, or it can be laid out across a tabletop or in a bowl of fruit and berries. This stem works particularly well with flower bundles, or berries in large quantities. It provides a beautiful eye-grabbing blue which would work perfectly in a flower bundle, such as the Erysimum Flower Plant Bundle. The customization and the placement possibilities with this flower are endless. It comes in several different bundle sizes and can be displayed even as a singular flower stem, a decision that would work beautifully with a narrow vase.

By mixing and matching just a few flower selections and vases, there are exponential ways to bring significant changes and variations to the mood of your home. Follow these tips and select the plants that match your aesthetic to get started!

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