As you might have noticed, in the last five years, the development of silk plants has reached new heights of imagination. Advanced technologies are now being used to manufacture these extremely popular pieces of decoration. Detailed attention is given to each and every part of the plant before manufacturing it. The idea behind this is to make the plant look and feel authentic. Unlike earlier, modern day silk plants are made out of numerous materials apart from silk like polyester, floral tape and inner wiring, which are not only cheaper alternatives but also accept a wide range of colors and finishing touches.

The process of designing these beauties involves a scrutinized study of all plants; their basic structure, their feel and color. Every small and intricate feature is noted and worked upon accordingly. While surfing our silk plants, you are sure to find many pieces with deliberately created holes and age marks which add a bit of authenticity to them.

Even though it is the manufacturer who designs and approves the final designs, it is always the global importers who sit with the manufacturer to make the fundamental design. With the demand for better designed silk plants increasing by the day, the screen printing methods used to manufacture them are turning more and more complicated. The contemporary techniques add all the delicate variations to the plants like petal and leaf detail, age indicators and natural faults like holes and withering leaves. This helps in creating a more realistic product and that is exactly what people wish to have.

With the already witnessed developments in the field of silk plants taking place in the last five years, the contemporary products are more complicated and life-like in appearance when compared to the earlier versions. However, silk plants are the best replacements for the real ones because of their durability and almost maintenance free nature. And for all those people who still live with the same impression they had about silk plants ten years back, silk plants have advanced a great deal from the costly hand crafted models and the mass produced cheap ones that were made in the last century. So you can go out there and get yourself new silk plants for your house interior or office.

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