Transitional Spaces: Hanging Plants in Hallways, Windows, and Archways

Windows, archways, and even hallways can be grouped together as transitional spaces. They operate as an in-between realm, separating spaces from each other. Windows, in particular, distinguish inside from outside. What all of these transitional spaces have in common is that they each frame a space. As a window is a framed view of the outdoors, an archway in a home is a framed view of an adjacent room. Hallways, windows, and archways can be seen and felt as architectural art – they can dynamically channel energy and light into a space. Furthermore, such spaces can be elevated through interior design and lighting. Here are five hand-selected hanging plants that are best placed in and around hallways, windows, and archways.

Flowers for Window Frames

Windows alone are an infinite source of decorative inspiration. With sunlight dynamically streaming through windows at different angles and intensities, plants thrive and present an ever-evolving beauty in their luminescence. Potted flowers work great on the sill of any window, but many window frames would work well with the accent of a vine plant. The White Sunflower Vine is a plant made for the sun. This vine can come in a set of up to five stems with each vine reaching a length of 67 inches. With multiple stems, this plant is highly customizable and can be strung out in a wide area, creating the illusion that the vine is thriving and ever-growing. This vine in particular has sunflowers on it with white petals. For a similar vine with yellow flowers, see this Sunflower Vine. Select the color that best matches the color palette and the window frame in your space.

Multi-Seasonal Archways Accents

Archways have been decorated with plants as a tradition for centuries. From holly to mistletoes, archways have been the site of hanging seasonal decorations. This is a practice that can elevate a space year-round and not just during the holidays. The Abstract Artist Flower Bouquet is a red hanging bouquet that can be placed in an archway or a hallway. It is an intricate arrangement of several individually vibrant plants that evoke a sense of deep warmth. Because this bouquet is designed to hang, it serves well on the sides of any frame-like space, like the side of an archway at the entrance to a new space. For a plant that is more customizable for a hallway setting, find this Colorful Baby’s Breath Vine Stem. This is a stem that can hang or can be placed in a standing vase. Just like the sunflower vines mentioned earlier, this stem is available in a set of up to five stems and can be placed in such a way that evokes a sense of lush growth and life.

Color Customization and Creative Tips

There are other plants that allow for specific color selection. The Silk Rose Vine comes in five different colors and can be bundled as five stems. It reaches a length of 57 inches, so it can easily line an entrance hallway or frame a window. This plant, and any vine-like plant, can beautifully accent an archway when placed along the outer edge of the arch. When placing vines by windows, try draping the vines in front of the windows a bit to make the light pouring through even more dynamic. Get creative with it!


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