Indoor Artificial Plants for Interior Decoration

With the improved living standards, people’s aesthetic consciousness and demands on spiritual and material life are also improving. Subsequently, people also pay more attention to indoor and outdoor decoration. Nowadays, the concept of using artificial plants has been spread all over the world. Hotels, theme parks, tourist resorts, communities, homes, etc, all benefit from the charm of artificial plants.

Artificial Tree Boston Fern

Why is there an increase in the number of people choosing artificial plants? Compared with real plants, artificial plants have plenty of advantages:

1. Less environmental impact. They can be used for a long time.
2. Easy maintenance. The branches and leaves of artificial plants will not become mildewy or die. They don’t require watering and do not attract mosquitoes or flies.
3. Due to the strength and the practicality of the material, the height and shape can be adjusted at will.
4. The price of artificial plants is not too high, and some are much cheaper than real plants.
5. They are not easy to damage, convenient to transport and easy to carry.
6. Health and environmental protection.

Artificial Millet Stem

We can use indoor artificial plants to decorate homes, office buildings, markets, offices, etc. Different spaces and the characteristics from them make each display uique. We can build our designs using several aspects, such as the style attribute, the material selection and modeling skills of artificial plants. Take the Nordic style as an example, how to make use of green plants to decorate our house with Nordic style? Nordic style is very popular currently. Its contracted design suits contemporary small families well, and also is loved among young people. Plants and containers with a sense of design can easily match the atmosphere of Nordic style.

There are a lot of plants that are suited in an indoor Nordic style, such as agave, aloe, ball cactus, rubber trees, figs, wood, bamboo and so on. Their color is more gray-green with subtle tones, which can produce a complimentary effect with the interior color. But the real plant is more susceptible to natural conditions and has to be watered frequently, otherwise the plant will wither and die. So the wise choice is to get artificial plants, which are easy to care for.

Artificial Plant Cactus Bonsai Potted Plant

In the meanwhile, the selection of container is also of paramount importance. You can choose black, white or earth color of the container, because that way you can see the plant itself at first glance and the container blend with the overall furniture style at the same time. Besides the color, container with geometric shape is also desirable. The material of container can select glass, metal, plastic and other materials. These materials can build Anacreontic, frank, open space effect, so that can make the home atmosphere free from heavy and boring.

People’s requirement of low-cost and high-quality listyle are improving, along with the progressive society. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the natural style of life will become the most essential and highest emotional needs of people. Just take action to decorate your house with green plants.

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